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Eye Concepts offers bulk-billed eye tests at all locations. Eligible for all Medicare recipients with no out of pocket costs. Book online now.


Bulk Billed Eye Tests & examinations

At Eye Concepts, we are committed to providing the best possible care for vision quality and the eye health of the communities we serve. We offer bulk-billed eye tests at all our convenient locations. That means all Medicare recipients are eligible to receive standard eye examinations with no out of pocket expenses and without having to file paperwork for reimbursement.

The Medicare Eye Test Coverage

There has been some confusion expressed in regards to the changes in Medicare coverage for eye examinations. Under the new coverage plan for the eye test, Medicare now covers the complete cost of a comprehensive eye examination for qualified individuals under the age of 65 once every three years.

Once a Year When Over 65

For Medicare recipients over the age of 65, Medicare will cover the cost of a comprehensive eye exam once every year. It is important to have these yearly examinations to maintain the health of the eyes so any changes can be detected early. Early detection is crucial in the treatment of many eye disorders.

Your eyes are constantly changing which is why we recommend having your eyes examined at least every two years. This is most important in children and people over the age of 60 because their eyes change rapidly.

Medicare May Cover More Frequently

Medicare will cover the eye exam more frequently if the patient is shown to have identifiable changes in their vision. That means if a medical condition is present that requires frequent eye exams, such as diabetes or glaucoma, or if the patient notices vision changes, Medicare will pay the cost of the more frequent eye examinations as long as there is an identifiable change in the patient's vision.

It should be noted that Medicare covers only the cost of the examination. Contact lenses, glasses, or additional testing will be the responsibility of the patient.