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Orthokeratology (orthok) may be the ideal solution to commonly diagnosed eye disorders. To find out whats right for your eyes, visit our website - book an eye test.


Orthok overnight contact lenses

Otherwise known as orthokeratology, orthok are a form of overnight lenses that are safe and comfortable to wear. Evidence shows that wearing lenses overnight reduces the impact of short-sightedness that begins in childhood.

Fortunately, when shortsightedness begins in childhood, the signs are obvious. Parents and teachers may begin to notice children struggling to watch television from a normal distance, and they may not see words at a distance on a blackboard. Subsequently, their academic performance suffers, making the use of early interventions such as orthokeratology essential.



One study of orthokeratology on children in Melbourne found that shortsightedness stabilised in 64% of the participating children. After inserting them before bedtime, the orthok lenses reshape the cornea to help them absorb maximum light refraction. Over time, this means a reduction in myopic loss of sight.
Overnight lenses take a gentle approach to shaping the cornea, making them ideal for children of most ages. Having a gentle solution is especially useful for those who are too young to be treated by invasive vision correction procedures. Besides, the benefits of overnight lenses don't end with younger people.


One of the more popular solutions to myopia is laser surgery. As an effective and safe procedure, it provides satisfying and long-lasting results. However, some patients are hesitant about the use of surgery.
Orthok acts as a temporary solution. As such, it allows the user to determine whether implementing overnight lenses changes their quality of life significantly. For those who are hesitant about eye surgery, orthokeratology allows them to see whether they feel surgery is truly beneficial.
For those who choose to continue the use of overnight lenses, the corneal reshaping process means less reliance on glasses and lenses during the day. In the long term, this means a reduction in costs.


After inserting the lenses, they softly reshape the cornea. The cornea is the area of the eye that focuses light onto the fovea, which is the area that sends image signals to the brain's occipital lobe. With such reshaping, the occipital lobe has an easier time interpreting images.

The effects of wearing orthok lenses last for around 24 hours. During this time, users no longer have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts. Such benefits are especially useful for those who work in certain professions, where glasses are cumbersome.

Orthokeratology starts from $1,200. Interest-free payment options available.  

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